My Cameroon Heroes: Ruben Um Nyobe and Marc Vivien Foe

by Theophile

Without minimizing our living Heroes like Roger Mila, Grand Manu or blessed President Ahidjo for whom I also have a very great consideration for the services they have rendered and are still rendering to Cameroon, I would simply like to vote for Ruben Um Nyobe, from whom the idea of reunification of the two Cameroons came.

When he created his political party UPC (Union des Populations du Cameroun) in April 1948, it has two objectives:

Independence of the country, and

reunification of the two territories under French and British mandates.

But even more, he shed his blood for the independence of Cameroon after French army shot him deadly on September 13, 1958.

Without the independence that came two years later, it should have been difficult and perhaps impossible for French and British Cameroons to come together as one country and yet bi-cultural.

Today, as an independent country we have never honored his memory and many others.

Let us exhume that great personality at least as a post-mortem Cameroon Hero. It is time for us, Cameroonians, to write our own history.

De la meme maniere, Marc Vivien Foe est mort au front de combat, alors qu'il defendait les couleurs nationales en coupe des Condederations de France... il est tombe' les armes 'a la main.

Camerounais, nous lui devons cette dette de reconnaissance.

A ce que je sache, c'est le seul qui est mort de cette maniere.

Lui aussi devrait rentrer dans la liste de nos heros nationaux.

Nous avons aujourd'hui besoin des valeurs que toutes ces personalites ont incarnees pour construire le Cameroun d'aujourdhui.

En ces heros nous avons des models pour rappeler au present ce qui est authentiquement camerounais, et au futur former d'autres heros.

Je vous remercie.

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