My Cameroon roots - Griot Grandmother Edna

by Grandmother Edna
(Baltimore, Maryland-U.S.A)

As of yet i have no hero there in Cameroon except My Historical study of the Bamil'eke people.

I have been researching my roots for years. 2007 i had the DNA test done and my life truly changed.

All the habits and ways of these people across the ocean from me has the same characters as my family here in these Americas.

Business, education. strong independence and very talented in everything we attempt to do.

i am saving money to come and sit awhile with the anchors of my family's journey.

My grandson s play soccer and we do like your great soccer guy.

i also have a video of a college soccer team that i met a few years back.

They played here in my hometown . Of course they won.

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