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my journey in Cameroon Africa
by: annie

Answering your questions:

I was longer in Douala because of arriving there and to have a little rest before traveling.

Douala for me staying in the "Foyer des Marins" was agreeable although the humidity of the air is almost unbearable when you come from the cold winter period in Europe. But this is Africa, take it that way.

Douala is an African town, crowdy, hot, ugly, amazing, very, very different from european towns: just look around and enjoy by walking, buy peanuts or a bottle of water, look at the people.

Make a copy of your passport and visa and take that in your pocket when walking in the town.

Wear no big money or precious watches or credit cards.

In Yaounde, well, the air is less humid.

But when I was there it rained for half a day, my hotel wasn't as nice as in Douala and the town is not interesting or has nothing extra in comparison with Douala.

The taxi drivers (I met) there in Yaounde were very unpatient and unfriendly.

I spent more time in Bouba Ndjida, traveling with the guide Terri, then in Waza National Park.

It is nice to be there. Your mobile phone doesn't function.

Maroua is peculiar because of the trees, the stinky fuel of autocycles (you almost will be choked) and the relaxation of a little town.

You can buy here very beautiful coton material with typical African motives and colours(from which the best are produced in England or Holland..., the Cameroon women like that quality as the best) Enjoy the daily life and walk or sit at the roadside as Cameroonians do, just watching.

Of course there are other places and landscapes to go in Cameroon.

Go with open mind wherever you go.

Cameroon Travel - My journey in Cameroon Africa as a woman alone
by: Miles

Hi Annie:

Great Cameroon Travel story, thanks for sharing.

So you spend much time in Waza and Douala but little time in Yaounde.

Many say Yaounde is much prettier than Douala, what do you think?

I would love to see some of your Cameroon travel pictures, if possible.

Thanks for the share.

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