My Story: I'm from Brazil and was a victim of fraud with Chihuahua puppy in Cameroon

by Claudia Demarco
(Brazil - Rio de Janeiro)

Dog Puppy Scam

Dog Puppy Scam

Hello, I'm from Brazil and was a victim of fraud with Chihuahua puppy in Cameroon.

My story is as follows:

I was looking for Chihuahua puppies to give as a birthday present for my daughter, I made several contacts by e-mail messages to several vendors that I found on the Internet.

Until I received the email from a person calling themselves "Conchita Queiroz" (I do not remember seeing the announcement thereof) with photos of puppies, I was in love with one of them and asked details and price.

She replied that the figure was R $ 265.00 + shipping, I found very cheap and then asked where she was and she replied that she was from Florida.

I replied that it was not feasible, but she mentioned the name of the carrier was already accustomed to using:

GK Airfreight SERVICE.

She urged the sending of money to be made to such carrier, through "Western Union" with the following data:

Method of Payment.: WESTERN UNION
Name of the recipient.: BENEDICT Taben (Box)
Amount.: R $ 365.00
Address.: 850 REGENT AVE 9TH
Zip.: 00237
Tel: +237-97630778
Country / Destination.: CAMEROON
Question Test.: WHAT?
Response Test.: BONN

Once deposited the value of the transport and purchase of the animal (R $ 365.00) on 15/07/11, to the carrier requested that the money deposited to the International Animal Export Insurance in the amount of $ 1149, 00, but that this amount would be refunded when the animal arrived at my house.

I tank back up to the same recipient, as they asked. Then they responded by saying that the animal would take an Air France flight that would take the U.S. to France and from there to Rio, I found it strange but they said they had not gotten a direct flight to Brazil.

I was expecting the arrival of the animal on 17/07 and nothing! I received an email from the "airport of Paris", saying that the animal would have been quarantined due to lack of vaccines and documentation.

Soon after
I received e-mail asking for more of the carrier R $ 1,225.00 to the documents provided were: anti-rabies vaccination, tag ID, count, statement of the importer and International Animal Health Certificate.

Argued, because I thought the dog should not have gone to Paris and that the carrier was so knowledgeable, did not know the need for all this documentation before?

But the seller said that the costs were the buyer. As I took pity on the animal have been arrested, did the deposit back (always with the same data). On 21/07 I received an email from the "airport of Paris", the Quarantine Department, saying that the veterinarian had recommended that the animal could not travel in a cage common because the puppy had already undergone a lot of stress which should be an electronic thermal cage and that his rent would be R $ 1,355.00, but that value would be 85% refundable.

Well, after this last deposit made me feel very bad and I suddenly snapped, to discover the IP messages.

That's when I realized I was being mistaken as to the IP vendor and the carrier has assumed the same origin: Cameroon, the same country made the deposits.

On 27/07 the carrier sent me this e-mail the animal's flight ticket from Paris to Rio, only the flight number did not match because I was on the website of Delta Airlines to check.

Yesterday (04/08) I sent an e-mail to see if she still had courage to respond .. Not only replied as he said he would not be getting more in touch with me, because her husband had died and then get in touch to talk to Paris airport to see what had acontecido.

Tempo later responded by saying that the airport was charging fees for the time Bonni's stay in quarantine, or over U.S. $ 1720.00.

This time I did not send more money, but I am outraged that he could not do anything!! These statements should be more publicized so that more people do not fall into this scam!!

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