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malam Osman 237 71134057 becke technology trafic tools co.,ltd Scam
by: Anonymous

I sent a few inquiries to different companies and I had one respond (the one below) but when I tried researching where this company is located, the only information I could get was this website where it says that this company is a scam and does not exist.

So until you have a clear company that has been verified from outside reliable sources. Please be careful of any replies you get.

Malam Osman 237 71134057
Becke technology trafic tools co., ltd Scam

Name: Alonso Fadil
Company: Becke Technology Trafic Tools co., Ltd
Address: Street 5 Avenue bonaberi,,Cameroon Street 5 Avenue bonaberi Cameroon
Country: Cameroon
Phone: 237-76047585

237 71134057

Response to Becke technology trafic tools co., ltd

Dear Reader:

Thanks for your feedback. Also, we are pleased to hear we saved you money by the information provided here.

Best wishes,

Posting or Deleting Names of Scammers from Cameroon
by: Anonymous

Dear Michael:

Suppose there are several guys with your name in Cameroon, would that justify not warning others, that there is someone with your name trying to scam people out of their money?

I think it is fair and necessary to state, that someone is using a particular name in connection with a scam. This might not necessarily be you, and if so, people who know you, will be aware of that.

Stating your innocence is fair, asking to remove the name in this context is, in my humble opinion, not.

Regards, M. Zimmermann.

Response to Posting or Deleting Names of Scammers from Cameroon

Hi Mr. Zimmermann: Thanks for your thoughts and comments on this. My understanding is in complete agreement with your line of thinking.

Best wishes,

Cameroon Scammers - Ndabong, Michael
by: Ndabong Michael

Good Afternoon Sir/Madam,

My name is Ndabong Michael and I am a high school student at Bilingual Grammar School, Buea. While I was working on the internet yesterday, I saw my name on google saying that I was a scammer.

I was very shocked because I cannot imagine how my name got there. I showed it to my friend and he advised me to write to this website

Please, I am not a scammer. I have not scammed anybody and I don't know anything about what they are saying on the website. I will appreciate if my name is removed from this website. I await your kind response.

First Name: Ndabong Michael
E-Mail Address:
Country: Cameroon

Reply to Cameroon Scammers - Ndabong, Michael

Dear Mr. Ndabong, Michael:

Someone called us yesterday as you said, from a US number, asking us to delist your information. Then today you write claiming your innocence.

Cameroon students in Molyko Grammar school do not have bank accounts, how come you have one?

Does Becke Technology Co. Ltd exist?
by: Anonymous

This is a fake company run Cameroon Scammers - Please stay clear of these guys before its too late.

Cameroon Scammers - Ndabong, Michael.
by: Anonymous

These are the company details sent to me:

Mr. Malam Osman
P.O Box 584 Bonaberi
Littoral Douala Cameroon
Tel:+237 71134057
Fax: (+237) 22 12 47 30

I was looking for LED lights on Weiku This company answered my inquiry.

They are not listed in the Cameroon business Directory or Yellow pages.
They do not have an own Web site.
They try make you send funds per Western Union.
They use references with +4470... numbers, which are known to be Scam numbers.
The references sound like they have been written by one and the same person.
They offer prices below manufacturer's prices.

After refusing to use Western Union, they did offer me to do a bank transfer to a non business account in the name of: Ndabong, Michael.

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