Nigerian Embassy In Cameroon - Job Seeker, Secretary

by Mohammad Ishaq
(Kaduna Nigeria)

I'm Mohammad Ishaq from Bamenda North west region presently reciding in Kaduna Nigeria.

I obtained my B A Islamic studies in University of Maiduguri Nigeria.

I speak English, Arabic, French, Hausa, and Fulfulde language.

I am in need of a job in the Nigerian embasy in Cameroon.

Having spend more than 10 years in Nigeria I'm sure to do my best and fit the job to the level of expectation.


Response to Nigerian Embassy In Cameroon - Job Seeker, Secretary

Dear Mohammad Ishaq:

No doubts about it, you are well skilled and suited for many jobs in the region.

Unfortunately, I do not have any contacts at the Nigerian Embassy in Cameroon.

I would suggest you contact them directly at this page: NIgerian Embassy in Cameroon Africa


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