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Njioh Corporation Limited
by: Anonymous


I am from Singapore.

I read your Njioh Corporation Limited response and you are a Truly Admirable Cameroonian, not much to say for the rest of Cameroon though.

Nevertheless,I do hope your hard work and persistence pays off.

We wish you all the best and hope we can help out in your country sometime in the near future.

Good Luck!! and Strive !!


Njioh Corporation Limited

Hi Axel:

Thanks for your feedback.

I am just trying, in my own little way, to help out.

I truly belief that if each one does he part in exposing such scams, Cameroon will be a thriving business destination for many.

Who knows how much business the Cameroon has lost already to because small business people feel nervous doing business with Cameroon.

As it has been shown and proven in the western world, its not your big multi-national corporations that make meaningful contributions to local society but rather the true strength of any country's economy is depend on its small businesses.

I hope Cameroon's government takes steps to better the business environment for small businesses. So that some day Cameroon can use its strategic position to be a business hub - like Singapore.

All the very best.

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