Njioh Corporation Limited

One of the major things we lack in this country to encourage young entrepreneurs are role models who have chosen to help and mentor upcoming Cameroonians entrepreneurs.

Chinese goods are good to help us the Cameroonians to be creative and look for better ways to beat them and send them back to their country or better still create a strategic alliance with them.

Our household entrepreneurs have created a barrier to meet with upcoming entrepreneurs and even to advice them is a problem

We also have a lack of angel and venture capitalist because banks are not better solving our business needs for finance especially when some one is starting a company without credit history, business operation history etc.

To answer that Njioh Corporation has come to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch their business from capital injection to advisory services that Small businesses can understand.

While the business environment is really bad, taxation and investment incentives are improving. Lets join together and encourage young entrepreneurs

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Njioh Corporation Ltd

Response to Njioh Corporation LTD

Njioh Corporation LTD:

I decided to publish your contribution on that basis that it sounds like a positive step in the right direction.

On the other hand, I fear that it my like Cameroon-today.com with some scam company which I have invested much time and efforts to not only distant myself from but also expose them.

So, provide me with the full contact address, Cameroon Chamber of Commerce registration license number and any other details about your company if you intend on keeping this post live.

To all readers, please do your due diligence before engaging yourself and your finances with any Company liste on this site, including Njioh Corporation LTD.

Best regards,

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