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contact me
by: Anonymous

Dear Travellers,

I wish to throw more light on the isue of visa on arrival as many people are not aware and usually get embarrased here.

I just want to let all of you know that you cannot acquire a visa on arrival without a letter of approval from the delegtion of national security in cameroon.

so you need somebody to do this atleast one or two weeks before your arrival.

You can contact me if you need help concerning visa on arrival.

Cameroon business trip
by: martin dean

I am dutch citizen and live in Indonasia.

I am in contact with a Cameroon company on the net.

So I wanna make business contract with them.

Do i need Cameroon visa for one week stay over there.

Pleas help me. I will visit in 2013.

Response To Cameroon Business Trip:

Dear Reader:

I am happy to hear of your excitement to visit Cameroon on a business trip.

To answer your question:

Yes, you do need a Cameroon Visa for your trip.

Click here:


I must warn you of the dangers of doing business in Cameroon. Be in constant contact with your embassy and ask them to help you validate any company you are dealing with BEFORE you make the trip.

Do not trust any documents handed to you until proven otherwise. BEWARE!!!

Arrival visa to Cameroon
by: Justus

The authorities are very strict now.

No visa on arrival authorization, means immediate deportation back.

by: Anonymous

I can never came back to cemeroon again due to the way the Cameroon Police immigration department treated me when travelling to Maputo, it was very very poor as campare to other countries.

Response to Poor Treatment by Cameroon Immigration Police

Dear Sir:

I am very sorry to hear your treatment at the hands of Cameroon's police officers.

These reports are very frequent nowadays.

What exactly happened? Can you give me more details?

Thank you

visa on arrival
by: Akofa

I am planing to visit Douala on the 13TH December 2011. Can you please advice me if I can get visa on arrival. Am a Togolese. Thank you

Cameroon Visa On Arrival
by: Baldev Singh

Since you are visiting Cameroun on 16th July so you don?t have any alternative than to apply for visa on arrival at the airport in Cameroun which is available at a charge of about USD 110.00.

You must carry with you the invitation letter from your business partner and hotel booking for easy processing.

In future ask your business partner to apply for the visa in advance from the The Visa Issuance Officer,Le Delegue General de L?Immigration from Police Immigration Department Cameroon.

Anyway the visa officers and the immigration authorities in Cameroun are very courteous,friendly and helpful in processing the visa.

Visa on arrival in douala international airport
by: Dak Amum

Visa on Arrival

I plan to travel to Cameroon in 16 July2011 to have discussions with our business partner in Cameroon.

Can I procure a busniess visa on arrival for 10days since Cameroon does not have an embassy in south sudan and Uganda And Kenya.
Please advise me.
thank you

Cameroon visa on arrival
by: Anonymous

on arrival visa can get at airport at the time of arrival, cost is about 100$.

Visa on Arrival
by: Singh Baldev

I plan to travel to Cameroon in March 2011 to have discussions with our business partner in Cameroon.

Can I procure a busniess visa on arrival for 2 days since Cameroon does not have an embassy in India.
Please advise.

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