Orange Cameroon
Cameroon's Mobile Phone Company.

Orange Cameroun SA

Orange Cameroun

Orange Cameroun SA (Société Anonyme)

is a telecommunication company providing Mobile phone services and internet service (ISP) to Cameroonians.

Orange Cameroon holds a considerable size of the Cameroon mobile seviice market but also face competitions from a more investment minded rival MTN Cameroon and less so with the state own Camtel (Cameroon Telecommunication - sole owner of all landlines in Cameroon).

The Orange Cameroun S.A network technology which went live on January 200 in Cameroon is based on the GSM 900.

This means that your unlock world phone from AT&T wireless (Cingular wireless) or T-Mobile should work just fine in Cameroon.

Services currently provided by Orange Cameroun S.A include:

  • 2G Circuit switched
  • Packet Radio Services
  • Inbound Phase 1 Services
  • Inbound Phase 2 Services
  • Outbound Phase 1 Services
  • Outbound Phase 2 Services
  • Short Message Service SMS texting Interworking Services

I was able to receive calls on my AT&T wireless phone as roaming in Cameroon. Ofcourse i did not answer them due to the roaming charges. I used a Callbox or send a text message (very cheap if roaming) to return all calls from US. I did not bother unlocking the phone or try to use a Cameroon SIM Card since my stay was short. Depending on your location in Cameroon the US Calls show you as roaming on MTN Cameroon or Orange Cameroun S.A

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