by Orock Becky
(Douala ,Cameroon)

Dear sir/Madame,

It is an honor writing to you. Following your inspiring and educational articles. African Diaspora project Management a startup, wishes to pass through your channel to inform the public about the launch of their new concept called Cameroon innovation Goal (CIG).
CIG is a concept that will bring together several programs, including Project Hunter, Women Entrepreneurship, Student Top Innovation and the retire business Project. The Project Hunter program aims to provide investors with projects that fit their budgets, Women Entrepreneurship program is for training and supporting women entrepreneurship at a low cost and student Top Innovation program is to identify project holders in universities, professional schools and liaise them to potential investors.
ADPM is a startup company created in 2015.

It contributes to the economic breakthrough of Cameroon and it is the main channel for investment in Cameroon for Diaspora Cameroonian.

The concept Cameroon Innovation Goal initiated by African Diaspora Project Management is very ambitious and the wish of the Executive Board of the startup is that maximum can benefit from the various programs. Many business angels, ambitious investors join the Start Up to this challenge with the aim of contributing to the development of the country and provide an opportunity for the Cameroonian youth to span the path of entrepreneurship.

The quality of our services drove the Canal+ group to make a report on us

Please support us in this endeavor by publishing our press release on your website.

Find below our Press release,
Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward hearing from you soon,

Kind regards,
Orock Becky Tanning consultant at ADPM

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