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Seeking Cameroon Business Partners - PROBLEM IN CONNECTING MY BUSINESS
by: Anonymous

Dear sir,

Thanks for your reply,

I got this company from alibaba.

I can't locate it in the Chamber of Commerces.

The only adress i have is "HEAD OFFICE: 112 LONGMAN ROAD, MUNDEMBA , CAMEROON"

I am really interested in importig wood pellet, wood briquette or carcoil briquette products from Cameroon. But i don't have any connection in the Country.

So my real interest is finding a really trustworthy company in Cameroon. Or even a trustworthy trade company who will act us an Intermediate.

I don't speak French and i have i difficulty in communicating, and since now i have not managed to find the right company to do business with.

How can i find a trustworthy trading company?

Response to Seeking Cameroon Business Partners - PROBLEM IN CONNECTING MY BUSINESS

Dear Reader:

I am in Douala, Cameroon and have no issues with French or English language.

However, I am not comfortable doing business from Cameroon with foreign investors due to the bureaucracy, bribery and fraud that can very easy destroy my "good" name.

Frankly, i am sadden to say that i can not make any recommendations either until things get better.

Don't get me wrong, there are few honest and successful business people here, but i just don't know any. I wouldn't want to gamble around with your money either.

Hopefully, as i struggle to take this site to the next level, we would be able to fine and introduce honest Cameroon companies for foreign investors to do business with.


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