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Competence for Cameroon's Presidency.
by: Asanji Ngu.

President Paul Biya has proven his competence to and at the helm of this nation, both in academic strength,and political pragmatism. He deserves a coup de chapeau for that.

However, there is a bone of contention surrounding his aptitude for the presidency and the media impression of Cameroonians desire to have him run another term of office at +83years.

The issue here is that, in their local spheres, they lampoon on his excellency Paul Biya's 34+ years in power as being redundant, inflexible and a hindrance to the opportunity of experiencing other talents and ideas at the helm of a nation that is rich in cultural diversity and intelligence.

Meanwhile the cameras and press have not stopped citing the several cases of groups begging the head of state to re- run.

This provokes a question of sincerity in the minds of Cameroonians. Why do they say one thing in their back yards and a completely different one in front of the cameras?

Is someone being bought over to media fuel a different opinion from that of the people or are they simply technocrats of hypocrisy?

My patriotic contribution is that Cameroonians should asses the competent skills all round, cutting across experience, constitution, intelligence, mannerism, flexibility, diplomacy and you name the rest, appreciate the old senior citizens where it is deserved and openly denounce constitution manipulation and say outwardly what they believe inwardly.

This I believe is what we need to bring Cameroon out of a negative mental captivity to the lamplight of the democracy that many including Paul Biya have worked hard over the years to build for this blessed nation.

Refuse to be hypocritical.

Leadership is a process of hand change
by: Fouelefack

Nobody disagrees with the point that leadership should and must be a process of hand change.

President Paul Biya is still in power because it is the will of Cameroonians who reelected him.

The time will come for someone else to be trusted by Cameroonians and they will place their destiny in that person’s hands.

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