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Paul Nkwoh and others like him
by: Anonymous


This world is round and all kids of people inhabit it. Scameroon is really getting the title of Scam Country of Africa- SCOA!!

Paul probably earns a living by scamming one out of 20,000 and is likely living the highly life off the proceeds.

The proverbial - There's a sucker born every minute holds true.

Cameroon Today has to lift up its profile, after doing a wonderful revamp to its site!

By heightening its visibility,more would-be-suckers can avoid scammers and the money lost to scammers given to GENUINE CAMEROON charities would be better for all Cameroonians.


Response From Cameroon-Today

Dear Axel:

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. Thats what keeps me going on this revenue-less project.

All the best

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