Paul Nkwoh - Cameroon Scammer

by Martha Mathison

I am not a scammer, never have been nor never will be, I know of one scammer, the one that scammed me recently.

On the internet I ordered some medicines from this man at this company name....Paul Nkwoh at Pharma meds......

I sent a $400.00 western union money gram, It was sent to this address....

Paul Nkwoh Street 12, Bonaberri, Ebolawa City, South Province, Cameroon, (237)

This was three months ago and he refuses to send my money back or my meds,

His email is this........pharma .....

Thank you Martha.

What do you think?

Why do people get scammed?

Have you ever scammed someone?

How much money have you made from scamming?

How did you feel after you first successful scam?

Do you know of any scammers?

Are you related to any of them?

How successful and lucrative is the scamming business? Would you ever consider to scam someone so as to make ends meet?

Do you think scamming can be justified? How?

Whatever your views on scamming, what do you think will bring and end to scamming ?

Response to Martha Mathison

Dear Martha:

I only wish you had consulted with us before sending any penny to this scams.

Lessons learn and lets move on for brighter days ahead.


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