Peace Corps Cameroon

The first group of Peace Corps Cameroon volunteers, called - "Cameroon 1" touched ground at the international airport Douala (DLA), Cameroon on September 13, 1962.

Peace corps volunteers in Cameroon work on various projects designed to contribute to the development of Cameroon economy and to uplift the standards of living of the common Cameroonians.

Volunteers work on agricultural, corporative development, language teaching, health and community development.

The Peace Corps Cameroon is a true example of what President Kennedy had in mind when forming the organization.

Working in a non-propaganda manner, it has shown to Cameroonians the desire and aspiration of young Americans, men and women, working to promote peace.

Peace Corps Cameroon - Its Effect on Cameroon.

The effect of the Peace Corp in Cameroon is very powerful. Working with locals and influencing little groups at a time, these devoted youth give of themselves as the show real genuine interest in their new found community members.

In return they earn the respect and trust of the people - some families even name they newborns after the volunteers. In addition, these volunteers learn as much as they teach.

When I started underground studies at the university of Buea, Cameroon, two (2) of my professors were Peace Corp Cameroon volunteers. They both extended their stay in Cameroon. My class and I was very privilege to have learned as much as we did from these had working men.

Our relationship did not end in the classroom only but they took time to introduce us to their country and explain how things work in America.

Ironically, I learned and discovered more about my own nation of Cameroon from these volunteers. From reading about their travels and having my class conquer the tallest peak in West Africa, Mount Cameroon. Just unforgettable memories.

Lifestyle and Living conditions of Peace Corps Cameroon Peace Corps volunteers in Cameroon are well taken care of.

Their living standards is very modest and one that allows them to function well and give their best to the community.

From my personally encounters with these volunteers, their lifestyle is very simple and they are very well training on handling or dealing with various challenges.

What i admire most is the volunteers outlook on life. They seem to know just what matters and what are distractions.

Future of Peace Corps in Cameroon.

If you qualify, I encourage you to learn more and consider joining the Peace Corps Cameroon. With a great number of volunteers extending their stay, and Cameroon ranking 21st for volunteers who complete their Peace Corps service, you will definitely learn as much as you they these humble, friendly and welcoming Cameroonian youths.

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