President of Cameroon
Heads of State of Cameroon
President Biya & President Ahidjo.

President Paul Biya - Second President of Cameroon Republic.

President Paul Biya is the second President of Cameroon Republic.


Mr. Biya constitutionally replaced Mr. Ahmadou B. Ahidjo on November 6th 1982 as President of Cameroon.

Before then, Mr. Biya has been serving the Cameroon government under the leadership of Mr. Ahidjo since 1962.

Noteworthy amongst his duties under President Ahidjo was his appointment as Prime Minister of Cameroon, serving from 1975 to 1982.

Mr. Biya is world-known politician and academician.

As a non-permanent member of the United Nation security council, Mr. Biya backed the U.S led invasion of Iraq, using the vote to re-establish and strengthen poor diplomatic relations with the United State of America.

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President Ahmadou Ahidjo - First President of Cameroon Republic.

President Ahmadou Ahidjo is the first President of Cameroon Republic.


President Ahmadou Ahidjo was the first President of Cameroon (Federal Republic of Cameroon).

Mr. Ahidjo entered Cameroon politics in 1946 as a territorial politician.

Originating from the north of Cameroon he gain instant credibility and acceptance with Cameroonians from the northern region of the country.

Mr. Ahidjo was elected as Cameroon first President in May 1960 just after securing Cameroon's independence on January 1, 1960.

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