President Paul Biya of Cameroon


The strongest leadership qualities of president Biya is being able to convince people by giving them fake promises in his long speeches, uses authoritarian rule to silence all in order to maintain peace which he so desperately needs, telling lots of lies to his fellow citizens year in year out with out actually doing nothing.

Biya's weaknesses are enormous as i can hardly find any strengths in him.

Biya is authoritarian, authocratic, dictator, has no vision, a liar, a villain, a murderer, he loves remaining in power, he is a coward, an embezzler, he is wicked and very self centered, he is ruthless, a hypocrite, and very tribalistic.

Biya has failed in almost every domain i can think of.

He has not destroyed Cameroon in his thirty years reign but has killed democracy in Cameroon, has killed the future of millions of young Cameroonians.

In my humble opinion, Biya has taken Cameroon back to more than 100 years and we all can understand why he keeps remaining in power for fear that he will tried in the ICC for crimes he has committed against humanity.

His first wife died and was burried without telling Cameroonians how she died, no state burrial for a first lady and many others.

Biya is a liar and has shown this weakness since he came to power.

He promised Cameroonians lots but has failed totally to meet up to the expectations of many Cameroonians.

He has led Cameroon into becoming the most corrupt country in the world, more tribalism than ever before, etc.

In short there's absolutely nothing good about this man but evil.

I would advice him to step down and hand it to a man with more vision, a man who love people, who love Cameroon, who will not be spending all his life abroad, who will know the misery of the common man, who will use the countries finances in a proper way.

A man who will try to unit the country rather than the divide we have seen in recent years.

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