Pretty girl on Craig List scams for money!

by John

I saw an ad on a dating site of a very pretty woman, a single mother asking to find her soulmate.

She said that 'age' didn't matter as long as the man would love her!

I'm 53 and probably like several others, fell for the trap!

She sent some pretty pics and established a regular email correspondence saying how she was 'falling in love' and so on.

Then once the conversation was established, she said her child was ill and needed immediate surgery and that she was struggling with a lot of tension because she didn't even have enough money for medicines!

I immediately offered to send her some and she said that it was like an answer to prayer.

When I asked for a bank account, she said that she can only receive money via Western Union.

I think she is so good, even has a FB page. Many single lonely men will fall for this.

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