SCAM ALERT - MANFOUO MBOU RODRIGUE a.k.a robinson jj joseph

by anonymous
(Yaounde cameroon)

I am a Cameroonian leaving in Cameroon.

I have met this guy called MANFOUO MBOU RODRIGUE a.k.a robinson jj joseph who is currently in Germany now.

I have helped this guy leave Cameroon by borrowing money from a meeting group on interest as we usually say here.

This was in 2012 and he promised to pay the money and the interest every month which he did just twice and he never paid anything again.

I finally paid the interest and the money which was more than five million at the time i paid the money.

As a human being I forgave him and trusted him again. He promised me all will be ok and that he had a hard time and that he will pay me back.

I wanted a car from Europe so I sent him 4 million for buying and shipping so I could clear the car myself. He took my money and now he does not even take my calls. This has been going on since 2012.

There are a lot of victims like me to this very man in Bamenda. I have his pictures and phone numbers with proof of money sent to him.
He had a shop at mile two just opposite the new road.

I need your help to expose this guy so as to safe others from being scammed by him. There are a lot of people in Bamenda who will testify.

Just publish him and you will get comments regarding his activities. He takes money from people that he will bring their cars but he never did.

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