Sculptra fraud

by Kelsy
(Jamaica )

Good morning,

I am victim of scam coming out of Bamenda, Cameroon.

I have tired contacting the police there but to no avail. I was told that the individual was a professional dermatologist and that they provided Sculptra butt augmentation injections in America.

I was told to make a down payment of $100US, how ever I ended up sending $80US. I was asked to send the cash to the individuals daughter in Bamenda, who was working with the peace Corp. as a favor because they cannot do it because the individual was at work.

I asked for an ID and again they said they were at work. Upon paying the individual told me that they will be arriving to Jamaica. And then I was blocked.

Then I did some investigation of my own and Discovered that I sent the money to the individual when I searched for them on Instagram.

The individual is
Dom Gillian Joy
Bamenda, Cameroon
Pic of the person

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