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Seeking Any Part time job
by: Anonymous

am a second year student at the ICT-University Yaounde, (ICT=Information And Communication Technology)

I am studying Information Technology.

Am looking for a part time job or any service that can help me improve on my Technology Skills, i can even work as a voluntary worker offering my voluntary services. I want to be a system analyst/consultant.

Please i will be grateful with any possible help.

Work Study Programs in Cameroon
by: Cameroon

Dear Christian:

I sympathize with your situation but the good news is that you are on the right track.

Work-study programs in Cameroon are no easily available, and i would seriously advice against doing that, if you can avoid it. Thing of doing somthing during the summer vacation instead.

The reason being that, in Cameroon, just too many people are in schools, so too succeed, you need to be in the top 1 percent of the national results.

If you can graduate a a GPA of over 3.6 on 4 i.e a First Class Bachelors degree in any field, you stand very high chances of breaking the poverty cycle in your family.

Even if you then decide to do your graduate studies in Cameroon, you can easily be a teaching assistant (i did this in UB) and support your studies, family and some more.

The hardest part if obtaining the First Class Bachelor degree, it can do wonders for you. Don't reduces your chances of obtaining it by chasing a few FCFA a month on parttime work.

Just my suggestions.

All the very best to you.


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