Songmbo Trade Cam S.A, , littoral , Cameroon is a fake Company

by Peter Shawn

Songmbo Trade Cam S.A, , littoral , Cameroon

Address :- 75b Rue Bonapriso, douala Cameroon littoral Province tel -+237656655302 songmbotradecam.Sagmail.Com
EmailID :- songmbotradecam .sa @ gmail . com
Contact No:-+237656655302

is a fake company which claim to import agricultural products, dairy products and essential home appliances etc.

This company will call for exporters to send them these products and will guarantee 100 % advance payment.

Once you send them the price list they will send you a bogus demand draft and ask you to make a deposit for obtaining permit to export to Cameroon.

Once you make the deposit the company will vanish.

There are several such companies asking for permit funds in order to cheat exporters worldwide.

Please be careful while dealing with such companies that exist only to cheat and commit fraud endlessly.

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