SOS to Cameroon President - His Excellency President Paul Biya

by Godlove Enyih Nche
(Bamenda, Cameroon)

His Excellency President Paul Biya

His Excellency President Paul Biya

Your Excellency President Paul Biya.

I am your son Godlove (Orphan) writing and crying all the way from Bamenda.

Saying my parents are both off late leaven behind 6 of us in a critical condition.

I was employed with Camtel Bamenda as a Temporal staff.

The General Manager gave me 6 months as a trial period started from September 13th/2011 to end on March 13th/2012.

I did my job well and I was recommended by my Regional Representative for Confirmation.

During that period Camtel was paying me the sum of 56000frs in which this money could not help me and my junior ones who live at home.

Now they are unable to go to school because of financial difficulties.

My Excellency I am on my knees pleading with you to contact our General Manager Mr. Nkoto Emane David for my contract to be confirmed so much so that l would help myself and my junior ones who are in the village dying of starvation and do not have any means to go to school.

My Excellency l shall be very grateful if this my cry for help meets you in good faith and you help me out as your own child.

My Excellency may the Lord give you long life to role Cameroon again and again because l enjoy your Government very much,and l fore see that Cameroon will be like European Countries one day through your initiatives.

God bless you and your Family my Excellency.

From Godlove Enyih Nche Bamenda (Orphan)

Tel: 33050864.

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