Spring Field Trade Co. Ltd/ GAROUA-CAMEROON - Is A FAKE Cameroon Company

I have contact with this Company Name and the case is to send me a sample product,

so I said they can send it to me by my DHL number and i can pay it in my Country so they will not be charged for the sample but they refused and told me that they can only send the sample by EMS service (OK) and 2 days later sending me an e.mail which says;

we need to pay the EMS post service here as the EMS does not send the sample without paying the posting service money to EMS in Cameroon.

now they sent me a proforma invoice to pay to an personal account by bank (i said them i want to pay in the Company's account)

at first time they required by WESTERN UNION.

Im searched everywhere but this company is not registered anywhere by Cameroon government.

Response To Spring Field Trade Co. Ltd/ GAROUA-CAMEROON - Is A FAKE Cameroon Company

Dear Reader:

I hope you did not waste your money on this fake scammers.

Do not send any money to Cameroon until you have HARD goods in your hands, verified and checked.

You worked hard for your money, do not throw it away.


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