Technical Advisor, Faro National Park - African WildLife Foundation

by Dorcus
(Faro, Cameroon)


For more than 50 years, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has been a key player in African Conservation and sustainable development. AWF is seeking high performing individuals to fill the below position.
Technical Advisor, Faro National Park
The Technical Advisor (TA), Faro National Park(FNP) will provide technical support to the Conservator, FNP, build capacity of the Service de Conservation, develop management and operational plans, facilitate coordination with the surrounding landscape and improve the overall management and conservation of the Park.
Key Responsibilities

• Oversee all aspects of AWF’s work in Faro National Park. The TA is expected to work in partnership with the Conservator to improve overall protected area management and conservation.
• Develop a general management and operational plan; support law enforcement and anti-poaching.
• Build the capacity of the rangers; ensure effective relationships with the landowners and communities adjacent to FNP.
• Establish an effective partnership with Zone d’Interet Cynegetique (ZIC) 13 and other hunting concessions surrounding the Parkand ensure effective communication and reporting.
• Develop an anti-poaching plan, including a training schedule, standard of procedures, informant network, and early threat warning strategies and ensure that the systems put in place are consistent with MINFOF and AWF standards.
• Work with the conservator to develop and oversee the implementation of an infrastructure plan as part of the general management plan. This includes the development of roads, radio rooms, ranger outposts, staff office, tourism facilities, signage and other facilities.
• Oversee a rigorous training schedule designed to adequately build the capacity of the Service de Conservation staff and leadership.
• At least 7 years’ experience in wildlife management and anti-poaching implementation in Central Africa.
• Substantial experience in training, anti-poaching training and implementation in different environments (forest, savanna, etc.)
• Experience of collaborating with governmental conservation institutions, military structures and private sector, such as hunting concessionaires and tourism operators, and conservation/PA-management NGOs
• Fluency in written and spoken French and English
• Experience with SMART, Cyber Tracker, anti-poaching technology, weaponry

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