The Wind of Change Blowing across Africa

Cameroon President H.E Paul Biya

Cameroon President H.E Paul Biya

When the North African region was faced by the wind of political change, many thought the wind was to be halted by the military that was under the the yoke of presidents or heads of states.

But that was not the case. Rebels if you choose to call them took their destinies into their hands and dictators were blown out of office. Same was the case with Ivory Coast.

One would have thought that Paul Biya will naturally learn from history. But it is not impossible for him to do so because "power intoxicates the minds of men"

Again, Mr Biya believes that he is the best man to lead the country to democratic government which he has succeeded in doing as he remains one of Africa's strongmen still in power.

Western democracies see nothing wrong with Biya's hold to power.

Is it because his stay in power is a welcome development for democracy or does not mean that he is the messiah that will lead the country to greater glory?

I want to watch and see whether the wind of change will not be able to blow Biya out of office just as the wind tried to blow Zimbabwe's strongman Mugabe to no avail.

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