Douala Africa City

tourism in douala Though not a regular tourist destination, Douala with its large number of beaches and local markets has ample potential to be one.

Douala, the industrial capital of Cameroon, Africa has not been in the tourist map much. But the sand kissed beaches, local markets which breathe local flavor and other places on interest has all the necessary ingredients to make it into a tourist’s paradise. The city of Douala is home to Cameroon’s largest seaport which provides access to almost 95 percent of the maritime sea traffic that comes to Cameroon.

The wealthiest among the eleven (11) CEMAC regions, Douala is also home to the country’s largest market the Eko Market which would be a treat to any tourist who wishes to sample the local wares and get a flavor of African life.

tourism in douala Through a visit to Douala you can not just visit the attractions within the city but also go to some of the neighboring places of interest as well. Some sights that will catch the eye of a tourist would be the famous municipal museum, the maritime museum, the legendary Manga Bell pagoda, the Akwa Business District, and the Six Area.

You would not have any problem finding your way about the city because the huge city of Douala is home to a vast multicultural and multi-linguistic population comprising of a lot of expatriates from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. You may just end up finding someone who speaks your language or comes from your country.

How to get to Douala, Cameroon Africa City?

Douala being the commercial capital of Cameroon and its major export and import center you will find that flights from any part of the world to here especially from Europe are very cheap.

The Douala International Airport which is the biggest and busiest in the country is not too far away from the heart of the city – in fact less than 6 miles form the Douala center city.

tourism in douala The airport offers the services of more than 24 International airlines including

  1. Afriqiyah Airways,
  2. Air France,
  3. Ethiopian Airlines,
  4. Kenya Airways,
  5. South African Airways,
  6. Swiss International Airlines, and
  7. Cameroon Airlines, CamAir Co.

There are regular daily flights to

  1. Douala from Paris,
  2. Douala to Brussels,
  3. Douala to Zurich and
  4. Douala to Amsterdam.

But the cheapest option would be to fly from UK. In fact of you visit Africa you could get a flight from most African cities to Douala. So next time you plan a trip this side do make sure you visit this city and sample the exciting life of Cameroon.

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