Verify the business presence of IMLO

by Dharmesh Panchani

What is your question? I want to check the legal presence of company name "IMLO International Ltd"

What is the FULL name of your company? Wings Impex

What is the FULL name, address, email and contact information of your Cameroon partner company? "IMLO International Ltd"
The Founder/ CEO

Mr. Ahmed Ndoho Ismael LORENZO
Tel: +237697870126/ 652592291/694761492
Twitter: ahmedlo
Skype: ahmlorenzo
WhatsApp: +237 697870126

The company has shared Bank details and also verification of our company to check the legal status of our company in India. But we are unable to get there Business address and other details for update and verification.
No Money transfer or exchange of business done till now. But, in good faith, I am expecting the Reply. Please help ....
If you are reporting a scam, or possible fraud activity, provide NAMES and scan copy of your money transfers from the transfer agent, i.e WesterUnion, MoneyGram, Bank Draft.

Please, take time to help us help you, by explaining how and where you made contact with these business partner?
Through Marketing e-mail address at- IT was replyed and business quote exchange and just like every inquiry is processed. But till tade the business entity is suspicious.

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