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by: carine

Good day. Please can someone help me answer this. A category is asked to be filled for an appointment but it is in the French system.

I don't know how to convert the English grading system to theirs so that I can register using the right category.

Also please can I use any other results other than my advance level results to register such as my university degree since I will be doing a masters programme. Thanks

by: Anonymous

Need an appointment at the German embassy?

by: Anonymous

Good day my fellow Cameroonians.

Please does any know how long it will take to study german here in Cameroon and also how much it will cost.

Urgent plzzz. Thanks

by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, there are no appointments available at this time. New appointments will be made available for booking at regular intervals.

Anyone familiar with that? Something is telling me that they finally found a way to keep us out of entering their country legally.

The sad thing is, there is a system within the embassy that make people travel to Germany illegally by just paying 4 million FCFA.

No language skill needed, no bureaucracy needed...I spoke to the embassy about it and their answer is simple: We know about it but there is nothing we can do!

So my suggestion to all visa seekers to Germany is to pray A LOTS and so may the Lord help us.

Kind regards

Certification of documents
by: Vanessa

Hello, please i. Just Finished my bachelor degree programme and only my 3rd year original transcript, my level 1and 2 profiles and the legal list for those who successfully finished the degree program.I wish to begin my admission immediately in a german university for the summer semester. Please considering my situation, can i come and certify the document ava ilable?

opening a block accounts in Germany
by: AnonymousAyuk

I wish to open a block account in Germany and I have tried online to book an appointment to open a block accounts but seems to be no appointment available what do I do when I have just 6 weeks to my starting program

How to book an appointment for German Embassy in Cameroon
by: Lucianni

Good day
I have been admitted to study a bachelor program in Germany and all my documents are ready but the problem is I can't obtain an appointment even after writing the embassy who directed me to a link but reaching there I couldn't find what I was looking for so please I need your help.

by: David Jitzi

Dear sir,

It is an honour for to approach you through this forum.

I am a graduate of accountancy from the university of buea and I wish to work as a volunteer in the German embassy or consulate.

I wish to know the chances or vacancies available for volunteers in the German embassy.

While waiting for a response, accept my best regards and happy Christmas and new year

Response to Volunteer Position IN German EMbassy

Dear David:

Thanks for visiting our site.

You can contact the German Embassy direction

or see this page for detail contact information for German Embassy in Yaounde

no reply to appointment yet - Cameroonian Student Seeking Student Visa for Germany
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I sent an E-mail to the german consular section to book for an appointment for a student visa.

I gave in all the necessary information according to the flowchart given on the website. Its almost six weeks now and I have no reply yet.

Can I please know what is happening or what I can do?

Cameroonian Student Seeking Student Visa for Germany

Dear Nina:

So for the inconvenience. I know how frustrating this can be. is NOT affiliate with any embassy or gavernment egency and as such there is little we can do to help here.

Check with the German embassy to confirm that they received your mail, it may never have reached them.

Call them and try yo talk to the responsible individual. You can also go to Yaounde and get an in-person appointment which will be much more informative to you

All the best in your endeavors.


Certifying documents at German Embassy
by: Niveh Juvert

Good day Sir/Madam,

Am a cameroonian student based in Yaounde and willing to study in Germany.

I will want to know how to proceed with the certification of my documents at the German Embassy here in Yauonde.


Response To German Embassy Notary & Certification of Documents

Dear Niveh:

You will need to call the German Embassy in Yaounde to get more and updated information on this issue.

Go here for the contact phone numbers:

Or look it up in the current phone directory, under diplomatic missions.

They will be able to answer your question more fully.

Also, remember to help others: When you are done with the process, comeback here and let us know how it all works. That will make you someone's hero

All the very best with your pursuits.


i want to study in germany
by: rapheal agha

Dear All:

Please i need help.
can i study in Germany with my high school certificate since i don't know German .

Please can anything be done to help?

please can i also get the name of university available for me. i am a Cameroonian

Certifying documents at German Embassy /Consulate in Douala or Yaounde
by: naomi

Dear All:

Please i need help.

I wish to ask if it possible for me to certify my certificates and transcripts at the German consulate,Douala.

If not can I book an appointment online to certify them in Yaounde which is very far from my home town.

Moreover, time is against me since i have to submit my application form this June latest.

Please can anything be done to help?

Thanks in advance...naomi

I want to study in Germany. Where can I apply for a scholarship?
by: Sam

Dear Ashu:

Congratulations on your hard work and successful completion of your degree program at the University of Buea, Cameroon.

Personally, I am more versed with the US system of education, i.e graduate school. But, I do understand from friends and family in Germany that graduate education is mostly done in English, so i don't expect you to have much of an issue there with regards to studies.

A good starting point will be the German embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon or the consulate in Douala, Cameroon. Its worth the transport fee to visit this places and gather accurate information.

Steps to follow:

- Visit the consulate in douala

here is their information
TEL.: +237 3342 8600
FAX. +237 3343 2845

or German embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon

- For scholarships to study in germany, see

German Scholarship Sources

Be sure to apply to all scholarships that you qualify for.

As I mentioned before, its a good idea to broaden out and apply for US, Canada and Australian graduate schools too.

I wish you the very best as you endeavor to continue your education. Thats a great help to Cameroon, if all Cameroonians could take very good care of themselves individually.

Just done give up!!!!!

Hey Mr Ashu RE:what is needed for a Cameroonian Student to get a student visa to study in Germany?
by: A Concerned Cameroonian

Nice to know you, want to study in Germany.But its unfortunate you advance as an issue the fact that you don`t speak German.Am tempted to believe you don`t speak /write good English either.Please have a look at your previous post and see how many errors you made.Too poor for a UB student.

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