Your govt should not only help the women of Cameroon,but also shut downthe web postings and persecute the scammers/cheaters of your country- Cmaeroon

by Axel F. Cheang

We are a bonafide company from Singapore.

We want to buy castor Seeds from Cameroon and promote your countries products..but you have so MANY scammers on the web
that we fear how many innocent people have been conned and their income and livelihood taken away by these scammers!

After remitting the monies to these scammers/cheats, these companies and individuals may face hardships and families, lives can be broken.. just because your Cameroonian cheats are allowed to thrive and continue with their cheating.

Your government and justice system should meet out HARSH , Long Jail TERMS with CANING, as a strong deterrent...

these unscrupulous cheats..

Would you like me to give you the FULL particulars of these cheats???

Mr Cheang

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